FIFA World Cup 2022: Average Player Age by Team

The World Cup is the biggest stage in international football, and the ongoing 2022 FIFA World Cup edition in Qatar has so far delivered on it’s promises to be one of the most exciting and closely contested World Cups in history.

With 32 teams set to compete for the coveted trophy, fans and analysts alike will be closely studying the strengths and weaknesses of each squad. One key factor to consider is the average age of each team’s players, as a mix of young up-and-comers and experienced veterans can make a big difference on the pitch.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the average player ages of each FIFA World Cup 2022 team and analyze how it may impact their chances of success in the tournament.

Teams at the FIFA World Cup in 2022, by the average age of players (in years)

Iran’s squad was the oldest out of any team at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, with an average age of 28.9 while the team with the youngest squad, Ghana, has an average age of 24.7

Data Source: Statista,

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