How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2022

Watch FIFA World Cup 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is about to kick off and fans more than ever are getting more excited as the day keeps getting closer. Everyone from all over the world is eager to be so excited for the FIFA World Cup which has stood as the highest level of International Football competition.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup would be played in Qatar, with 8 stadiums already registered for the competition across five cities within 21 miles and connected by a metro system, making it possible to watch more than one match a day.

FIFA 2022 World Cup would be kicking off on Monday the 21st of November, 2022 with African Champions Senegal taking on the Netherlands in a pre-opening ceremony game, then later on the host nation Qatar would go head to head with fellow group member Ecuador.

Some fans have already booked tickets and made preparations for the competition which would be the first-ever nonsummer World Cup which was moved from the traditional May, June July competition to November/ December. 

At the same time, a lot of fans across the world might not be able to make it to Qatar to watch the event firsthand but would love to catch their favorite team/Country live. Well, we’ve got you covered bringing to you different ways you can watch and catch up on all the live matches at the World Cup, enduring that you do not miss a single moment from this historic upcoming FIFA World Cup. 

This would be the first World Cup in the Middle East, and the second in Asia, therefore the time zone would be completely different, depending on your region and continent, with some matches kicking off very early in America and some European countries due to time difference. 

The 2022 World Cup Kick-Off Time In Different Time Zones

Local Time (Qatar)UK (GMT)USA/Canada (EST)Australia (EDT)India (IST)
1 p.m10 a.m5 a.m9 p.m3:30 p.m
4 p.m1 p.m8 a.m12 a.m6:30 pm
6 p.m3 p.m10 a.m2 a.m8:30 p.m
7 p.m4 p.m11 a.m3 a.m9:30 pm
10 p.m7 p.m2 p.m6 a.m12:30 a.m

So you don’t get to miss any of the actions, here are a few sites, networks Nad channels you can download or visit to watch and live stream the entire 2022 World Cup events from the Group stage down to the Final Match, in different countries and regions.

Where To Watch 2022 World Cup In the Middle East/Asia

If you stay in any of the countries within the Middle East/ Asia you might want to hope on the World Cup Tour discount and book a ticket to Qatar to watch the whole event firsthand.

It would also be a great opportunity to explore the great country, enjoy it’s luxury and be a part of the historic World Cup it had planned out. But if still you’re unable to make it to the venues, here are some online networks you can stream the entire tournament


NetTV Nepal

Dialog TV


Peo TV,    and other minor streaming websites.

Where To Watch 2022 World Cup In USA & Canada

Fans in North America who would like to catch up with their county’s matches can easily watch and stream all matches live on any of these channels.

If you do not have an account in the channels, you might need to create one and input payment info for subsequent charges. However, some of these channels might be offering free trials which you can always check out.

Peacock Premium 

Fox Sports App





Fubo TV

DirecTV Stream

Sling Blue

Hulu TV,   and other streaming websites.

Where To Watch 2022 World Cup In the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has always been one of the biggest supporters of the sport, from the premier league to the champions league and now the World Cup, the English are always hungry for football action.

There is no doubt that some would use this opportunity to explore Qatar, since England and Wales Qualified, it would only make sense to do so. But for those who wouldn’t be able to make it to the venue, but still want to keep tabs on the action, here are some sites to check out.



Sky Sports

Fubo TV, and some other free websites.

Where To Watch 2022 World Cup In Australia 

If you’re in Australia and would like to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup without having to travel all the way to Qatar to do so, here are some channels to check out and get all matches live.




Optus Sport

Kayo Sport, and other streaming websites.

Where To Watch 2022 World Cup In India

Due to the time zone, the most match would be played at a relatively different time, following the Indian Standard Time (IST) rather than the Arabian Standard Time(AST) Qatar uses. Fans in India who would also like to catch up on the entire sporting event can check out some these sites to watch their favorite teams play.


Sony Pictures Network India Private Limited (SPNI),

LivSport.India,    and some other free websites.

Where To Watch 2022 World Cup In Africa

Africa is not left out in the forthcoming World Cup set to kick off this November, with 5 teams representing and the African Champions, they”ll be ready to rewrite history and become the first African nation to win the tournament.

Africans who wish to watch and stream all matches can do so using the following platforms.



Showmax, and various other streaming websites.

Some of these apps, websites and platforms may be available in more than one country or region, so you can always check to see if they might be available in yours.

Please be careful when using certain websites to stream the entire, as some might not be safe for your devices and can be used to hack data from your device.

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